Quest For Value

To bring Prosperity through business and technology, by finding & supporting Entrepreneurs who create Opportunities that improve Livelihoods.

SHORA Ventures Builder | What we do

We Seek & Build Value with startups and innovators by Facilitating
collaborations between Entrepreneurs, Investors and Customers to create lasting Value.

SHORA Kinyarwanda word meaning “to invest”

VENTURE An undertaking involving chance, risk, or danger

PARTNER(S) One associated with another especially in an action


This is through concept development, customer validation and Minimum viable product development.

Seed stage

Companies working on their proof of concept. During this period a company is also looking to gain initial transaction and receive feedback from early adopters.

Early stage

Financing provided by a venture capital firm to a company after it has received its initial, or seed, financing.


Epansion stage is when the company is seeing exponential growth and needs additional funding to keep up with the demands.

Investment Portfolio



Have not yet gone to Market


Seed Stage

Are ready for seed capital to deploy


Early Stage

Have gained the first buying customers



Needs Investment to scale

Our Partnership Model & Criteria with Founders


Partner with Founders to Build a service or product that creates opportunity for impact that leads to prosperity?


Prepare the company to achieve adequate and understandable current and projected financial statements, and other due diligence documents.

Market Size & Access & Feasibility

Work with the team to acquire first customers, test product market fit, and get validation. Size-up the market opportunity & develop go-to market plans

Product | Service

Prepare the company to achieve customer-product validation, & Product Market Fit.

Competition & Potential Risks

Work with the team to better understand Competition and potential Risks to the business.

Team & Management

Partner with founding team to build appropriate technical and management team that has or can build adequate experience and expertise to build value in the business.

Deal Events

We also hold deal events where investors and clients are able to meet.

Companies meet clients and different corporations and public institutions.

Opportunity to interact with other angel investors and meet individuals

experienced in working with young companies.

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The Shora Philosophy : Guiding Beliefs

We Believe


That although investments in business are mainly monetary, most startups & innovators need other forms of investment that are non-monetary to create value during their earlier startup days.

That each stage of the business requires new knowledge and skills.

That building high value businesses requires a variety of Partners
Industry/Sector Domain Expertise
Financial Investments ( Variety of financial instruments)
Infrastructure ( Physical & Digital )
Customers /Markets
Technical & Business Expertise ( Mentorship & Coaching)

In partnering with entrepreneurs & innovators to build a shared vision.

Failure is not final and failing fast can be an asset but one needs not to repeat mistakes made by others if one can learn from them.

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